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We hone team spirit from this game. It mentors our leadership and decision-making skills. It’s a bliss to play this game as it invigorates you neatly. The sport I am trying to highlight here is “pithoo”, an Indian traditional game. Many might have played this game, a few others would have heard it and for some, this still may be a new word. I have spent a great deal of time playing, enjoying and loving this game. 

Pithoo is a conventional Indian game and can be identified by many more terms from different parts of the country. They are: 
Pithoo (Haryana), 
Dabba kale(Kerala), 
Ezhu kallu(Tamil Nadu) and widely known as Saat Patthar. 

I used to play pithoo during my good old school days and kept missing it after I left school. In my sophomore year, I happened to play this game with my classmates on a short notice, when suddenly our class was cancelled. We immensely enjoyed and had fun playing for 2 hours and still wished not to…