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How to Fill an Admission Form

SD College:

Filling an Admission Form is a very tedious and stressful process. There is a lot of information to be provided which takes a lot of time. BCA team brings you an easy way to fill the admission form for the 2nd or 3rd year.Now no need to rush to College for getting your admission done. 
You can fill the form by using the following steps.....Go ahead...

**Read the steps before opening the website.

Old students have to apply for admission to hostel and College separately First they have to fill the Hostel Form (if needed). Then Online Admission Form for 2nd or 3rd Year" for applying for college admission.

Fill your registration number and roll number to log in.Fill the required details neededRegister for Hostel along with registration fee of Rs 600Select the fee you need to paySelect the year you need to apply along with registration fee of Rs 800 for collegeFor registration fee, there are two modes of paymentInternet Banking / Cred…