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I am ObaidullahZaland”, The name will definitely be stranger to most of you reading this. I hope you could know more about me while reading this short glimpse of a short period of my life.

I am from Afghanistan and I am studying in GGDSD (Goswami Ganesh Dutta Sanathan Dharma) college, a name familiar to most of you and one of the finest colleges in Chandigarh affiliated to Punjab University.

I came here in 2015, and started BCA the same year. My spoken English was good, and my spoken Hindi wasn’t bad either, though I didn’t know a single word to write in Hindi, interacting with people who can speak any of three languages (English, Hindi and Punjabi ) wasn’t difficult for me and in a short span of time I couldn’t think of myself being a stranger here anymore.

The only problem for me was the studies, with a completely new study environment and a different exam system; it was tough for me to go on. Yet I continued my struggles to take steps towards my goals, which was not just taking BCA degree, but much more than that.

My passion towards my studies and an excellent staff of teachers out there in college helped me in my way towards the path of success and excellence.

I love watching Hindi movies and I always remember the famous dialogue from the movie 3 idiots “Success ke Peeche mat bhaago; excellence, excellence ke peeche bhaago, success jag mar ke tumhare peeche aayeegi”, It means never follow success; follow excellence and success will follow you. I followed the same rule, and not only that I succeeded in my studies, but I achieved more than I thought I can.

“Teacher is a light which enlightens out life”, I had heard this proverb many times, and when I came to GGDSD college, I knew it was true, my teachers Ms. Shilpy, Mr. Paramjit Singh and a few more were always available there to help me in my studies. Also with a great and organized study environment and modern class room system I was able to concentrate more on my studies.

Above all of them there was my friends who have encouraged me in my every step towards my goals and my studies, they were there for me to laugh and spend my time with.

Chandigarh, the City Beautiful on other side and one of the most beautiful cities of India, with a green clean environment, you can’t even think of leaving Chandigarh, once you come and live here for a time; I love being here and have enjoyed every moment out here, the Sunset in Sukhna Lake, the beautiful evening Rock Garden or a spring day in Rose garden will be the moments you would like to repeat many times in your life.

The love, gentleness and goal-oriented manner I have found in people out here, can’t be compared to any other place you can imagine of. I am now studying BCA fourth semester, and I can only say I have come to Chandigarh yesterday, and these two years have just gone in blink of an eye.

Thanks to all the ones who have helped me out here, starting from my teachers, my classmates and my friends. My Family was always there for me anytime, anywhere, so a bunch of special thanks to them.

Obaidullah Zaland


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